GNCC RD3 Steele Creek

After a weekend off I was ready to get back to racing.  This race was near where I used to live so I was excited to get back there and catch up with some people that I had met when I lived back out there.

The track on Saturday afternoon looked perfect but some heavy rain at the motel that night looked like it was going to be a mud fest.  It turned out they didn’t get as much rain at the track and after the kids and morning race got done racing they had churned our track up to be almost perfect conditions.

After warming up, I got off to a really good start, grabbing my first holeshot of the year and entering the woods first.  The first lap was good and I stayed in the lead trying to push a little and then also trying to learn the track some.  I made a small mistake at the start of the second lap and dropped back to third. I got used to the track and started going again, after my first gas I tried to get going and caught back up to the lead, I made a pass for the lead at the end of 6 but had to gas again with two laps to go. 

I caught back up on the last lap and I went down in a tricky section while trying to make a pass.  I caught back up not long before the finish and tried to make a pass in the last few corners before the finish. I couldn’t make a pass stick and was prepared to get 2nd when Charlie dropped it in the last corner, I cruised around for the win.

I was lucky to get this win but I felt comfortable the whole race and was happy with how I was riding. It was unlucky for Charlie as he rode a good race.

I’m excited for the next race in South Carolina next weekend and I’m hoping to keep up on top of the podium.

Thanks for all your support.

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